Fine Art

Collecting art is a journey, it will enrich your life and enhance your investment.

THE GB GALLERY ~ Studio of Art, curated by Gail Barber, is a spacious 2200 square foot environment dedicated to art in all its forms.

Large windows fill the gallery with natural light, and everywhere you look you see a sumptuous collection of art.

The collection features artists such as Maureen Ault, Quinn Henderson, Roderick Romyn, Andrew Miles, Steve Snake, Barry McCarthy, ShwanThomas Kemp Keifer and Hugh Thompson.

Ongoing drawing and painting classes are available in the gallery studio for children, youth, and adults. Contact Gail Barber for more details.

The gallery is located on the second floor, above the Someplace Safe storage facility, in a large warehouse at 199 Victoria Road South, at the corner of York and Victoria Roads in Guelph Ontario.

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Fine Art

Upcoming Events

Magical Art Camp

Youth of all ages are invited to magical art classes in a gallery environment with paintings that inspire.

“Art is in the eye of the beholder.”

Featured Artist

Artwork by Quinn Henderson
Artwork by Roderick Romyn
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